Insight & Publications

Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

The first full-scale assessment for effect of marijuana legalization upon Colorado's economy. The report includes output, employment, and tax-revenues. A discussion of market dynamics, tax-revenue dynamics, and sources of growth is included.

Marijuana Equivalency in Portion and Dosage

A first-of-its-kind study to determine the relationships between marijuana flower, concentrates, and infused edibles. This study for Colorado provides equivalency tables that can be used for possession and purchase limits in Colorado. It is likely to form the template for possession and purchase limits in subsequent states and countries.

Market Size and Demand for Marijuana in Alaska

An assessment of state demand for marijuana demand, and an estimate of the market share for retail marijuana under a legalized regime. Tax revenue estimates are included, following proposed taxation measures.

Market Size and Demand for Colorado

Commissioned by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Medical Marijuana Demand by Condition

MPG has been a part of dozens of successful license application efforts. E-mail us for more information:

State Production Management and Control

Helping the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division assess pros and cons between production control methods. Production control using plant-count facilitates an RFID Seed-to-Sale tracking system. Whereas a square footage system (e.g., in WA) removes plant size variability. The report describes additional methods, such as by weight (per LB), energy input, and by THC content.